First Patients enrolled in EU randomized Trial of ARTCLINEs Immune-cell Therapy System for treatment of septic shock

ARTCLINE GmbH today announced the first enrollments in the „ReActIF “– Recovery from Acute Immune Failure in Septic Shock by Immune Cell Extracorporeal Therapy – trial at Rostock University Medical Center.

The ReActIF trial is a prospective, multicenter, randomized study intended to investigate the safety, tolerability and benefit of the ARTICE® therapy as a new approach for the treatment of septic shock. The study was approved to enroll up to 142 patients at 4 German centers.

During ARTICE® therapy, patients with septic shock are treated with immune cells of healthy blood donors by an extracorporeal blood purification method somehow similar to dialysis to reactivate the immune function of sepsis patients.

Sepsis and septic shock are the main causes of death in intensive care units. Despite intensive therapy research, sepsis continues to be a largely unsolved problem. In Germany alone, about 70,000 patients die of sepsis every year.

Dr. Gerd Klinkmann, Investigator in Rostock noted that “ARTCLINE’s technology has the potential to empower physicians in the treatment of this critically ill patient population.”

“We believe the technology will create a new standard of care for patients suffering from sepsis. With this first patient treatment milestone, we are continuing our commitment to bring new options for clinicians and their patients. We look forward to the enrollment at the other German Centers. “, said Dr. Jens Altrichter, Founder and CEO of ARTCLINE.

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