ARTCLINE‘s vision is to become the leading biotech company for immune cell based extracorporeal sepsis therapy.

Currently, we are focused on the clinical trials and the further development of our ARTICE® Therapy for the treatment of bacterial sepsis.

Sepsis or septic shock are main causes of death, especially in the intensive care units. In addition, high therapy costs are associated with sepsis due to high therapeutic and diagnostic efforts but also the length of stay in the hospital.

ARTCLINE develops a novel immune cell-based extracorporeal sepsis therapy ARTICE® for patients and medical practitioners worldwide. Effectiveness, safety and ease of use are the most important attributes of our therapy.

Our experience in the field of sepsis diagnosis and therapy helps us to accomplish our vision. Together with clinical experts and our partners, we will continue to identify immunological causes of and interactions in sepsis.

We, the founders, and the team of ARTCLINE have been successfully involved in the transfer of medical inventions from university research to industrial applications. We have an extensive network and many years of experience in the development of biopharmaceuticals and medical devices.

It all started at the Nephrology section of the University Medical Center Rostock. Already in 1998, the first attempts were initiated to develop a sepsis therapy system. In the early year’s successful treatments in rats and pigs were performed and published. The first clinical phase I/II study in humans was initiated in 2003. 2007, ARTCLINE was founded due to the encouraging results.


Dr. Jens Altrichter

CEO & founder



Dr. Jens Altrichter is a board-certified physician in Biochemistry and founder and CEO of the ARTCLINE GmbH since 2007.

Since 1998 Dr. Altrichter was managing director and board member of several biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies, most recently COO of LEUKOCARE AG. The main areas of his responsibility were research & development, general management, regulatory affairs and quality management as well as the planning, organization and evaluation of clinical studies.

Before, Dr. Altrichter worked on various research projects in the fields of immunology, biochemistry and biotechnology. As head of a BSL2 laboratory for genetic engineering at the University of Rostock, he gave lectures and seminars and accompanied students during their internships.

In 1995, Dr. Altrichter received a DAAD grant for a one-year research stay in the USA and worked as a visiting researcher at the „National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease“ at the „National Institutes of Health“ in Rockville, Maryland. In his research project he dealt with the importance of tyrosine phosphatases in the immune response.

During the first years of his medical education, he worked intensively on immunology, biochemistry and cell biology. In addition, he completed numerous internships domestically and abroad, at the Brown University and the University of Iowa, USA for instance.

In 1994, he received the Joachim-Jungius-Award of the University of Rostock, Germany.

As an inventor and co-inventor, his name is listed on numerous national and international patents from the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical technology and vaccines. In addition, various original and review articles were published with him as author or co-author.

Prof. Steffen Mitzner

CSO & founder



Prof. Dr. Steffen Mitzner is a specialist in internal medicine and heads the Nephrology section at the department of internal medicine at the University Hospital of Rostock, Germany.

He was intensively involved with the subject of extracorporeal organ support at an early stage. Together with the physician Dr. Jan Stange he developed the liver support system MARS® in the early 1990s. Currently, the therapy is marketed by Baxter Inc. and is used worldwide.

Since 1998, Prof. Mitzner has founded and leads various research groups and projects. The extracorporeal organ replacement group at the Clinic for Internal Medicine at the University Hospital of Rostock, the Center for Extracorporeal Organ Support (CEOS) in 2008 and the Fraunhofer group „Extracorporeal Immunomodulation“ in 2011 are worth mentioning here.

Prof. Mitzner has been a principal investigator in multiple clinical studies and was involved in the planning and protocol preparation of clinical trials.

More than 100 original and review articles have been published with him as author or co-author. As an inventor and co-inventor, his name is listed on a great variety in national and international patents.

Due to his many years of activity, Prof. Mitzner has extensive experience in the area of the development of therapeutic blood treatment procedures.

John Peitschner

John Peitschner is an accomplished finance professional with experience in audit, advisory, and senior leadership roles. As the CFO of ARTCLINE, he brings a strategic mindset and a proven track record of success to the company.

John started his professional career at Ernst & Young in audit and advisory. During this time, he had a diverse range of clients, spanning from startups to publicly traded enterprises. Additionally, he gained valuable experience while working at the EY German Business Center located in São Paulo, Brazil. Progressing further in his career, he assumed the role of the CFO at an international data company, where he played a vital role within the senior management team. Subsequently, he ventured into entrepreneurship by co-founding a company, in which he served as the CFO. With his strategic efforts, the company achieved remarkable growth on an international scale, ultimately leading to a successful acquisition by an investor.

Quality Management

The goal of our quality policy is the safety of patients and users, the fulfillment of our customers‘ as well as legal requirements.

We always place great importance on high quality and have been certified according to EN ISO 13485 by DNV MEDCERT since 2013. ISO 13485 is a worldwide quality standard especially for the medical device industry.

Every day we improve and support the qualification, motivation and satisfaction of our employees.

The head office and the facility in the Biomedical Research Center (BMFZ) Rostock meet all the specific requirements of a biotechnology and medical device company.

We always ensure the effectiveness of our quality management system and the continued suitability of our quality policy, as part of our continuous evaluation and improvement process.