ARTCLINE successfully completed a capital increase of EUR 4 million

ARTCLINE GmbH today announced the successful completion of a further capital increase of EUR 3.6 million in cash.

Besides the Company`s founders and the German KfW bank, family offices from Germany and the Netherlands took part in the capital increase. In addition, a convertible loan from an existing shareholder was converted. Therefore, the total capital increase amounted to approx. EUR 4 million.

With the additional funds, ARTCLINE is financing the preparation and start of a randomized, controlled clinical trial with more than 100 patients with septic shock. The study will be conducted in intensive care units in German hospitals and is intended to demonstrate not only safety but also the effectiveness of the ARTCLINE therapy.

“Serious infections are still a huge challenge for our health system,” said Dr. med. Jens Altrichter, CEO of ARTCLINE. “Accordingly, there was great interest from the investors. After two smaller clinical studies, now we are able to start a multi-center study, which will also result in market approval of our therapy. Thus, we will be able to offer our immune cell therapy to seriously ill patients. ”

ARTCLINE GmbH has been a spin-off from the University of Rostock since 2007. The aim of ARTCLINE is to develop innovative therapeutic and diagnostic methods for the intensive care medicine. The focus lies on a dialysis-like blood treatment procedure based on human immune cells to survive severe infections (sepsis).

Despite the most up-to-date technology and treatment options, sepsis is still associated with an extremely high mortality. More than 150 people, alone in Germany, die from sepsis every day. A malfunction of the immune system is often the primary cause for an infection that transforms to sepsis.

ARTCLINE`s therapy is using immune cells of healthy blood donors. The donor’s immune cells are supposed to temporarily take over partial functions of the impaired immune system of the patient.

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