The products

Our objective is to develop, manufacture and market a complete therapy system, consisting of 3 product groups.

The ICE-Monitor

The ICE-Monitor is a modified dialysis machine. The device has various pumps, sensors and user-friendly control software. Therefore it is suitable for controlling and monitoring the extracorporeal ICE-Circuits to provide a safe and efficient treatment for the patient.

The ICE-Treatment kit

The ICE-Treatment kit is a disposable set that contains all the necessary circulatory components. The treatment kit includes blood and plasma tubes, plasma filters, pressure transducers, sensor cartridges and heating bags. The ICE-Treatment kit is attached to the ICE-Monitor and filled with a suitable physiological rinsing solution before the treatment. Following the ICE-Cells are filled in, the therapy system is connected to the patient and the treatment starts.

The ICE-Cells

The ICE-Cells are immune cells that are obtained from healthy blood donors. The extraction takes place according to standard working instructions in a transfusion medical facility with GMP manufacturing license by means of a specific immune cell donation.

In previous studies, the so-called granulocyte concentrates were used, which are blood products and can also be transfused in patients for certain indications. The donor immune cells are compatible with the corresponding blood groups. These healthy immune cells are supposed to take over partial functions of the burned out patient immune cells in the ICE-Technology.

Beside the production of the immune cells from granulocyte concentrates, ARTCLINE is working on future alternative cell sources, e.g. from stem cells to meet the long-term large cell requirements.