The ARTCLINE GmbH develops innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for Intensive Care Medicine. Currently, we are mainly focused on the development of the so-called ARTICE Technology for the treatment of bacterial sepsis.

It all started at the Nephrology section of the University Medical Center Rostock. Already in 1998, the first attempts were initiated to develop a sepsis therapy system. In the early years successful treatments in animal models (rats, pigs) were performed and published. The first clinical phase I/II study in humans was initiated in 2003. 2007, ARTCLINE was founded due to the encouraging results. Sepsis or septic shock are one of the main causes of death in the intensive care units.

The current mortality is still 30-70%. In addition, high therapy costs are associated with sepsis due to high therapeutic and diagnostic efforts but also the length of stay in the hospital.

ARTCLINE's vision is to develop a new immune cell-based therapy approach in order to provide it to customers and patients worldwide. Effectiveness and safety are the most important attributes of the therapy.

The experience in the field of sepsis diagnosis and sepsis therapy helps us to realize our vision. Together with other clinical experts and our partners, we will continue to identify possible causes of and interactions in sepsis.

We, the founders and the team of ARTCLINE have been successfully involved in the transfer of medical inventions from university research to industrial applications. We have an extensive network and many years of experience in the development and successful marketing of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.